Kind Words

The Danville Children's Guild and b.allan Jewelers partnership is 15 years strong. At b.allan we are hoping it's only just the tip of the iceberg of what's to come in the future. We have been humbled and inspired by this army of tireless women who grab the hands of children in and around our community and lift them to new heights. The DCG's heartfelt stories of children who are underserved, invisible, abused, or simply in need of a boost have created a fire at b.allan Jewelers to, in turn, focus our charitable efforts toward children's causes. In fact, many of the charities we have become involved with have directly come from events we have participated in through the Guild. We now have joined forces with Children Skin Disease Foundation, Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation, New Day For Children and Teen Esteem to name a few. The reach of Danville Children's Guild feels endless. Whether b.allan is at a charitable event, with customers in our offices, or even when my wife and I are out with new or old friends, we always seem to find a connection back to Danville Children's Guild. The women of DCG have improved the lives of not only the children they serve but countless others they have touched by their actions of kindness over the years. b.allan would like to express sincere gratitude to all the women of Danville Children's Guild for being a Lighthouse guiding us toward a stronger community. We would also like to personally thank you for helping b.allan Jewelers be more than just a local jeweler but also an active partner in helping children of Contra Costa County.

Youth Homes was so honored to be chosen as the recipient of the Danville Children’s Guild fundraiser in 2021! This generosity has fully funded our enrichment program for local youth who have been impacted by trauma. An enrichment activity is just about anything that helps a young person feel curious and confident. Thanks to the Danville Children’s Guild, the first thing that happens when a teen moves in to our residential program is that they get to choose the decorations in their bedroom. They get to choose their own space, maybe for the first time ever. Because of the Guild, we don’t have to scrounge for dollars to connect youth with activities that bring joy and fun to their lives. That makes it easier for our youth to understand that they are our priority. When one of our counselors finds out that one young man dreams of learning to play the guitar? Done, the Guild funds a lesson every week. How about a gym membership, because movement does so much for emotional regulation? Done. What if one of the only times a young person feels good in their body is during equine-assisted therapy? Done. Does jiu jitsu help a youth feel strong and in control? Done. Do they want to go to their homecoming dance? Yes! Let’s get a special dress and get their hair done. The Danville Children’s Guild enables us to say “yes” to our youth, and the things they already know about their passions and happiness. These moments of light and generosity add up to new ways for youth to feel seen and celebrated, and we couldn’t do it without the Guild.

For the past 43 years the Danville Children’s Guild, a dedicated group of women, have selflessly been serving children in Contra Costa County to make lives better by providing impactful funding support. The Danville Children’s Guild has saved lives and given hope where none existed. Like Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Please support DCG whenever possible and know that you too will be part of making children’s lives better.

I have had the honor of attending the Danville Children’s Guild events for the past 18 years.  I have never missed an event, and it remains a highlight for me each year! I marvel at how it continues to grow each year. The Children’s Guild has truly opened my eyes to the myriad of local philanthropies in our area.  I have always been impressed with the speakers and the touching stories of each philanthropy. The members unfailingly provide an impressive line-up of vendors each year.  The shopping is the best at the events!  The Danville Children’s Guild event is truly an event that should not be missed!

The Danville Children's Guild cares deeply about the local community.  The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area (DSCBA) was an honored recipient in 2014 of the money raised through the Guild's annual fashion show.  The proceeds allowed the DSCBA to fulfill a dream of hosting a Stride with Pride Bike Camp for children of all ages with Down syndrome.  Over 120 participants were given a balance bike, helmet and entry into an all-day and elaborate obstacle course filled with fun and challenging twists and turns.  Riders gained confidence and core strength as they pushed through the course. The hope was that many of the riders would over time transition to two-wheel peddle bikes, and in the years following the camp that is indeed what happened.  Statistically, very few people with Down syndrome accomplish riding a bike in their lifetime.  The Guild's partnership and generous donation along with the DSCBA's passion to break down barriers changed that statistic for many Bay Area families who participated. 

The Danville Children's Guild is comprised of some of the most talented and generous women that the Bay Area has to offer. We were humbled, and honored, that the Bay Area Crisis Nursery was chosen as the beneficiary of their annual luncheon. They worked tirelessly to throw an amazing event that had a major impact on the Nursery's financial health. 2022 was a difficult year for a lot of nonprofits, as we saw our donor's ability to give lessen as the cost of living increased. The women of the Danville Children's Guild saved the day, and because of their time and generosity, there are hundreds of children at the Nursery who are safe and cared for.

Danville Children’s Guild and their members are simply amazing!  With their huge hearts of gold, they selected our nonprofit organization to benefit from their annual luncheon.  The result was outstanding as their members and guests all rallied to help our Rooms of Hope children.  We provide dream room makeovers to children battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, and we do mini-makeovers for their siblings too as the whole family is affected.  Because of the Danville Children’s Guild, several Contra Costa County children received their dream spaces to heal in at home which is away from the hospital and all they must endure just to survive!  But the guild didn’t stop there!  Not only did they help fund these dream rooms, but they also gave us a very important tool.  This gift…a van that our volunteers could benefit from at makeovers while building these rooms.  All our tools and building supplies are now organized and on wheels so we can have it at every makeover!  The Danville Children’s Guild, their members and their supporters have played a huge role in our nonprofit’s ability to support local children who need it most.  Saying thank you is quite an understatement!  We are very blessed for their support and we thank all involved for your dedication and love of our community’s children!!!

The support we received from Danville Children's Guild for our Backpacks of Hope program, was the springboard we needed to lift this effort off the ground. Without them, The Nephrotic Syndrome Foundation would not exist today. They helped us provide life changing support to over 100 families with a child battling Nephrotic Syndrome, serving a group that had never before had support in their journey, and have changed countless lives beyond that as our programs continue to grow to impact this underserved community in even deeper ways. We cannot thank them enough!

We were so thrilled to be chosen as the recipient of The Danville Children’s Guild Fundraiser in 2006! Their early support in our organization was crucial to our current, long-term success, allowing Camp Wonder to support children and families with skin disease! They were such a great group of people to work with. Their compassion for those in need is evident through their dedication and commitment to organizing a successful, not-to-mention fun, event.

The Danville Children's Guild is a passionate, people-driven organization that works to empower non-profits who make the lives of Contra Costa children better, safer, and more successful. . In 2018, New Day was honored and blessed to be the recipient of the Danville Children's Guild Annual Fall Fashion Show. This funding has been crucial in helping local children get the long-term safe housing, specialized therapy, and education they desperately need.  The Danville Children's Guild worked tirelessly to make our event beautiful, fun and incredibly successful - thank you! Everyone sees injustice, illness or abuse in our communities, and most people are deeply saddened by it...but year after year after year, the Guild does something about it and that's powerful.  Well done Danville Children's Guild!

The Danville Children’s Guild’s early support of Hope Solutions was critical in helping build out intensive, effective programs to end poverty and homelessness among the most vulnerable families in our community.  We are grateful for their partnership.

As the founder of Moment by Moment we were very honored to be supported by the Danville Children’s Guild with the proceeds from a poker night.  Moment by Moment provides professional portrait sessions, flash drives and gift cards for prints to families that have a child with a potential life limiting or chronically life impacting illness.  Through the generous efforts of the women associated with DCG we were able to provide numerous sessions capturing the love, determination and hope of these families.  We are forever grateful.